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N Mahalakshmi
Dr Devi Shetty has grown Narayana Healthcare from nothing to a 7,500-bed hospital network in less than 15 years. The next 10 years will see the business leapfrog, powered by technological initiatives and savvy partnerships
Magazine | May 01, 2015
Krishna Gopalan , Himanshu Kakkar
Once the most tangible indicator of the growing power of the Indian economy, malls across the country have today turned into empty shells. What’s behind this fall from grace?
Magazine | Apr 03, 2015
Rajat Ubhaykar
A 3D printing ecosystem is quietly taking shape in India, with corporates leveraging the technology to streamline manufacturing processes
Magazine | Mar 06, 2015
N Mahalakshmi , V Keshavdev
An interview with the Saudi prince who believes that most monarchies could have their mettle tested unless they embrace a more participative style of functioning.
Magazine | Feb 06, 2015
Rajat Ubhaykar
A new class of entrepreneurs are walking the tightrope between profit and social impact by forging strategic tie-ups with corporates, NGOs and the government. And they are here to stay
Magazine | Jan 23, 2015
Outlook Business
Six years ago, in an attempt to counter competition and present differentiated content, Outlook Business decided to highlight the stories of social entrepreneurs as part of an annual issue.
Magazine | Jan 23, 2015
Ajay Piramal
In a social enterprise you can see the impact of what you are doing in the face of your customer in a very short time.
Magazine | Jan 23, 2015
K Ramkumar
I have seen a variety of people with and without this guilt. Those who don’t have it really end up prospering. And those who have it invariably move out of the radar.
Magazine | Jan 23, 2015
D Shivakumar
If you don’t have character as a company, it is very difficult to move beyond satisfaction to trust.
Magazine | Jan 23, 2015
Rajesh Padmashali
The burger and fries pasha may no longer be the only player in town but that is hardly a deterrent as it goes about deepening its market reach
Magazine | Nov 28, 2014
Kripa Mahalingam
Flipkart’s furious pace of growth has been wheeled by aggressive discounts resulting in a fair bit of red ink. As it buys sales with hard cash, its business model is now in question
Magazine | Nov 14, 2014
Rajesh Padmashali
Given the new prime minister’s track record in Gujarat, investors are looking forward to a business-friendly regime. The feeling is that this time it may, indeed, be different. It better be, because we have a lot riding on it
Magazine | Oct 31, 2014
Jayant Sinha
BJP MP from Hazaribagh, Jayant Sinha, on what India needs from the world and what the world can expect from India
Magazine | Oct 31, 2014
Krishna Gopalan
Time is running out for Kalanithi Maran’s once-invincible empire as the broadcasting and airline businesses lose their mojo
Magazine | Oct 17, 2014
Krishna Gopalan
The Lalbhai family is closely knitting a strategy that aims to transform Arvind into a retail and brand powerhouse. Will they succeed?
Magazine | Sep 19, 2014
N Mahalakshmi , Rajesh Padmashali
The Florida-based economist and demographics forecaster says that not everybody is in for a good time
Magazine | Aug 22, 2014
Himanshu Kakkar
Yum Brands is investing big time in KFC and Taco Bell to ensure it becomes the No. 1 restaurant company in India by 2020. Will it work?
Magazine | Aug 08, 2014
Kripa Mahalingam
As NR Narayana Murthy steps down, the first outside leader at Infosys has his task cut out. But Vishal Sikka may be just what the IT bellwether needs to get back on track
Magazine | Jul 05, 2014
Subba Rao Amarthaluru
Before embarking upon new projects, the government should first tackle problems that grounded the economy’s earlier growth engine
Magazine | Jun 21, 2014
Samir Arora
Instead of trying to time the market and invest around events, Investment in equities needs to be viewed from an asset allocation perspective
Magazine | Jun 21, 2014