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Nandita Datta
Travelling executives of 45 firms are checking in to HummingBird’s 285 apartments in five cities
Magazine | Mar 21, 2009
Sharada Balasubramanian
With ATMs that are one-fourth the cost of regular ones, Vortex Engineering is looking to crack the rural market
Magazine | Mar 07, 2009
Sharada Balasubramanian
Come rain or storm, Chennai-based Updater Services keeps the wheels turning in offices across the country
Magazine | Feb 21, 2009
Rajiv Bhuva
The Loot sells top brands at 25-60% discount to MRP. Yet, it makes a neat margin of 40%
Magazine | Feb 07, 2009
Sharada Balasubramanian
This investment bank has closed life-giving deals for many a Southern entrepreneur
Magazine | Jan 24, 2009
Sudipto Dey
The first time he flew, GR Gopinath took on Jet and Indian Airlines. In his second flight, he will challenge DHL, Blue Dart and FedEx
Magazine | Dec 27, 2008
Ajita Shashidhar
Ishween Anand could easily have ended up in a Manhattan boardroom. Instead, she decided to dip her hands into making natural soaps and body-care products
Magazine | Dec 13, 2008
Kunal N Talgeri
How much should an air-bag inflate? QuEST makes money by answering such queries—virtually
Magazine | Nov 29, 2008
Ajita Shashidhar
Conventional wisdom says one can’t make money in theatre. Ashvin Gidwani broke the mould—using unconventional means
Magazine | Nov 15, 2008
Sriram Srinivasan
The messy seaweed is the source of a thickening agent used in foods. And Aquagri Processing has built a contract farming business around it
Magazine | Nov 01, 2008
Supriya Kurane
They come, they see, they conquer—from leaky taps to dirty floors. For 400 offices and 3,000 households
Magazine | Sep 20, 2008
Rajiv Bhuva
Move over goons. A Mumbai-based recovery firm has struck it rich by employing women
Magazine | Sep 06, 2008
Nandita Datta
Eka Software has made it big by providing commodity trading and risk management solutions, and carving a niche for itself
Magazine | Jul 26, 2008
Nandita Datta
The staff at The Fuller Life spend their work day thinking of ways to help executives have fun
Magazine | Jul 12, 2008
Sriram Srinivasan
New Horizon Media has become Tamil Nadu’s biggest book publisher by selling books through paan shops, departmental shops, chemists
Magazine | Jun 14, 2008
Sriram SrinivasanNandita Datta
Bangalore-based StumpVision is making money by dissecting each delivery bowled in a cricket match down to its finest details
Magazine | May 31, 2008
Sriram Srinivasan
Lyric Labs is raking in the moolah by providing online translation services to clients the world over
Magazine | May 17, 2008
Nandita Datta
Comat Technologies is taking technology into the hinterland and making a huge impact on the lives of people living in far-flung villages
Magazine | Apr 19, 2008
Sriram Srinivasan
Servals Automation has built its business by marketing innovations with the potential to transform in rural India
Magazine | Apr 05, 2008
Nandita Datta
MatexNet connects sellers of unwanted assets with buyers online, and helps them get good prices for their scrap
Magazine | Mar 08, 2008