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Some light, some noise
“Steve only [ever] yelled at me four or five times... and this was one of them" Apple CEO Tim Cook, describing the situation when Steve Jobs refused a partial liver transplant from him   “You would wish when he says that Sweden looks like Japan, he would look at the data and then come back" Riksbank deputy governor Per Jansson, reacting to Paul Krugman’s comments describing Sweden as a deflationary economy 

“This is not nail-clipping. This is like taking a knife to one’s own flesh" Chinese premier Li Keqiang, on the economic reforms needed to achieve China’s 7% growth target   “They [Facebook] do care about the users, but they have two masters" Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, accusing Facebook of putting advertisers ahead of its 890 million users

  “I’m a young man...I’m just a young baby" GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, dismissing rumours of him stepping down before the end of his 20-year tenure  
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