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Reporter’s Diary
An industrial cluster with a difference and a triumph of women power.
Special Issue: State Of The Economy State Of The Economy

Swachh, And How

Think industrial cluster and what comes to mind is images of smoking chimneys, idle trucks and beat-up roads. At the Kishangarh industrial cluster, though, this scenario couldn’t be far from the truth. Thanks to the strict edicts of the Kishangarh Marble Association, which spends Rs 2 crore-3 crore each month on the cluster’s maintenance, the area looks more IT park than marble mine, with cement roads and abundant greenery around. Stringent fines have ensured that the cluster not only looks presentable but also attracts more customer attention.

Jitendra Kumar Gupta

A Woman’s Touch

Where we thought we’d find the brute force of workmen fueling automotive assembly lines, we found women power instead. At Lumax Industries’ six-acre lighting equipment plant in Chakan, it was heartening to note that the male to female ratio was skewed in favour of the women. The reason? Site managers discovered that women are good with the intricate work and smooth finish required in the lighting business and display a higher level of discipline. The women workers’ enthusiasm in explaining their duties to us was even more heartening.

Rachit Vats

Tipple Tales

Given the high literacy rate and the corresponding shortage of labour in most major south Indian cities, these places have seen an influx of migrant populations from north and east India. The textile town of Tiruppur is no exception — migrant populations make up nearly 25-30% of its workforce. With no entertainment options available, it is the government-owned TASMAC liquor shops that see the most action on Fridays, the weekly payday. In fact, during Diwali, liquor sales in Tiruppur best even those in cosmopolitan Chennai. We’ll drink to that.

RA Chandroo

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