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Some light, some noise
“Europe is not America’s doormat. We, too, are capable of innovation" Orange group CEO Stephane Richard, on US president Obama’s comments that the internet was an American creation    “[Mining companies] build billion dollar mines and don’t invest in the communities, and then wonder why everyone gets angry with us" Randgold Resources CEO Mark Bristow, during the company’s year-end results presentation

“Greece is part of the international grid. If you want to remain in the grid, you’re going to have to conform" BlackRock supremo Larry Fink, on why the new government in Greece will have to honour its debts to stay in the Euro zone   “I worry too much when people overhype technologies because it comes back to bite you in the butt" Autodesk CEO Carl Bass, on the increasing hype around additive manufacturing

  “When it starts to work there’s a bit of jealousy. But then, when it worked, everybody wanted to be your best friend" King of Shaves founder Will King, on the need for a more accepting approach in the UK towards start-up failure  
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