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Some light, some noise
“$2 billion for 2 billion barrels, it’s just $1 per barrel, that’s not very expensive" Total chief Patrick Pouyanne on paying $2.2 bn ‘signing bonus’ to Abu Dhabi for renewal of an oil field concession in the emirate’s biggest oilfields   “Suddenly, everything that was right for 12 years, was wrong" Herbert Hainer, CEO Adidas, over criticism from shareholders after a series of profit warnings

“As a leader in the company, you’re totally transparent. You may think people are fooled; they’re totally not fooled" Dick Costolo, CEO Twiiter, on the importance of instilling proper management practices in leadership teams   “The US is a country built on migrants’ entrepreneurship — they don’t ask where you’re from, they ask what can you do" Hikmet Ersek, CEO Western Union, on the need for Europe to adopt a similar mindset to stay relevant in the world economy

  “We’re all worried and irritated by Ito’s audacious, not-so-well-thought-out reform moves" Former Honda CEO Nobuhiko Kawamoto, on current CEO Takanobu Ito’s move to dismantle the traditional way of sourcing parts and technologies  
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