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While CEOs are confident about business growth in 2015, keeping pace with technology will be the key to sustaining it
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Given the rapid growth that the world is seeing in terms of technology, every organisation is bracing itself for disruption. In the fiercely competitive market that every firm is operating in today, it is the job of business leaders to be adaptable and embrace change. In a survey conducted by PWC where 1,322 CEOs across 77 countries were interviewed, 39% of them are very confident about the growth of their businesses. However, when asked about the global economy, CEOs seem less enthusiastic as compared to last year with only 37% — down from 44% last year — hopeful about some improvement. The biggest threat to business growth prospects, according to them, is overregulation. Also, 58% of them feel the speed of technological change is a key threat. To be able to adapt to this pace, 81% of CEOs feel mobile technologies for customer engagement is strategically important for their organisation. This is no surprise given the rising penetration of smartphones in the past decade. Data mining, cyber security and Internet of Things are also seen as important digital tools by CEOs, clearly indicating the potential of technology. It is therefore essential for CEOs to truly harness this potential and turn it into an opportunity instead of letting it become a threat.

Base: All respondents (2015=1,322; 2014=1,344; 2013=1,330; 2012=1,258; 2011=1,201; 2010=1,198; 2009=1,124; 2008=1,150; 2007=1,084; 2006 (not asked); 2005=1,324; 2004=1,386) Note: In previous years, respondents were asked ‘Do you believe the global economy will improve, stay the same or decline over the next 12 months?

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