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Some light, some noise
“This is not Silicon Valley, where failure is an option" Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzmann, warning Harvard Business School students about the risk of starting off on Wall Street before they are ready   “It’s tough to say goodbye to the McFamily, but there is a time and season for everything" Don Thompson, former chairman and chief executive of McDonald’s Corp, on stepping down as the CEO of the fast food major

“There are no guarantees in life" Shell CEO Ben Van Beurden, when asked whether Shell could promise that there would be no further redundancies in Aberdeen this summer   “The only thing people are noticing now is that gas prices are dropping. People haven’t noticed yet that it’s also hitting their portfolios" Sean Wheeler, co-chair of the oil and gas industry team at Latham & Watkin LLP, on how cheap oil burns a hole in investor pockets

  “Packer has said he will not come. Who asked you to come? Please don’t come, not in this lifetime. We need only good investors" Sri Lankan prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, after Packer’s Crown group abandoned its $350-million Casino project after the new government withdrew tax concessions  
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