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Munch On That
Nestlé’s recent campaign for Munch urges the young to claim their stage, embrace their flaws and operate on their own terms.

How many times are we told to be ourselves just to have society shut us down with a gasp and log kya kahenge? This particular roadside Romeo, played to the T by actor Sushant Singh Rajput with his oft-ridiculed broken English, takes it all in his stride to find himself become a sensation once he embraces the person he is.

Nestlé’s recent campaign for its wafer chocolate, Munch, comes in after their previous campaign with Virat Kohli and the power of crunch. Pinaki Bhattacharya, senior vice president & executive planning director, JWT India says, “Older adolescents are constantly looking for ways to be desirable. They are individualistic but are sensitive to public scrutiny. With this TVC, we urge them to claim their stage, embrace their flaws and operate on their own terms.” Mayur Bhargava, general manager (chocolates & confectionery), Nestlé India says, “This campaign reflects India’s changing culture — from a generation seeking empowerment to one that feels a sense of entitlement. Munch, in this case, is the catalyst of confidence. Our brand is for the youth and constantly evolves to stay relevant to them. This TVC will increase salience by creating a fun experience, while contributing to the brand’s growth.”

Whether or not we feel Munchified, the TVC’s effect on the brand’s share in the wafer chocolate market is yet to be seen.

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