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Some light, some noise
“The prospect of a Greek exit is not necessarily a bluff. An accident could happen and the whole idea is to avoid it" Greece finance minister Gikas Hardouvelis, on the possibility that Greece could stumble out of the Eurozone if a new government fails to reach an agreement with international creditors soon after the election   “Those that have planned to decrease the prices against other countries will regret this decision" Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in a speech on state television, as oil plunged to near six-year lows 

“To cite Enzo Ferrari, we will always sell one less Ferrari than the market wants. That’s a policy that will never change" Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne, dismissing speculations that the group could signifiantly increase sales after its Ferrari spin-off   “I wouldn’t want to see the next JPMorgan Chase be a Chinese company" JPMorgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon, while trying to make a case for his bank to stay intact

  “If you don’t make wrong decisions, you’re not making right decisions. There are 100 things commentators will say I got wrong but, hopefully, 101 things that I got right" Former Morrisons CEO Dalton Philips, after being fired from his post at UK’s fourth-largest supermarket chain  
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