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A Riot Of Colours
Raymond is now looking towards greener pastures.


  • Agency Famous Innovations
  • Production house RU Films
  • Tagline The complete man
  • Campaign duration 90 days
  • Languages English
  • Channels  All channels


Raymond has established itself as the suiting brand for ‘the complete man’ for decades now. That is probably why when one sees colourful sheep grazing in lush green meadows, Raymond is not the first brand the TVC would be attributed to. This film is one of a series of seven, showcasing not only the emotional but also the product range of the brand. Raj Kamble, founder and CCO, Famous Innovations, which created this series, explains, “Traditionally, Raymond has always opted for brand campaigns. While ‘the complete man’ carries an emotional legacy that many viewers will relate to, consumers are looking for more. The brief for us was very sharp and single-minded — break the myth that wool is not available in a lot of colors, and promote Raymond’s versatile offerings in wool. All we tried to do was convey that in the simplest yet most engaging way.” Ritesh Ghosal, brand head and CMO, Raymond, adds, “Product campaigns are being carried out for the first time in 90-year history of Raymond. The objective is to establish the contemporary and fashion-right evolution of the Raymond product portfolio, both within the suiting fabric segment and beyond.” With one leg firmly rooted in the past and one stepping towards the future, it is certain that Raymond is now looking towards greener pastures.

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