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Confidently Clean
Cinthol extends its ‘Alive is awesome’ campaign for its new range of anti-bacterial soaps
  • Tagline Alive is awesome
  • Agency Creativeland Asia
  • Production house Mad Studios
  • Campaign duration Nine weeks
  • Length of TVC 70 seconds
  • Languages Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada
  • Channels All channels


A soldier crawls through the mud on a rainy day, as young engineers, archaeologists and doctors declare their stance against germs in this TVC for Cinthol soap. The company has decided to extend its ‘Alive is awesome’ campaign for its new range of anti-bacterial soaps, though it has replaced the unintelligible Virat Kohli song-and-dance TVC with a montage featuring adventurous men and women. “We discovered that the biggest problem consumers have with anti-bacterial soaps is that they don’t smell as good as beauty soaps. As Cinthol is well known for its variety of scents, we wanted to position our new soap as a germ fighter that also smells good, continuing in the same tone as our ads under the ‘Alive is awesome’ campaign,” says Sunil Kataria, COO, sales, marketing and SAARC, GCPL.

The jingle also has resonance with the popular anthem Hum honge kamyaab, and intentionally so. “Most other anti-bacterial soap ads revolve around fear of diseases and germs. This TVC is not about fear but about facing dirt and sweat with confidence. The association with Hum honge kamyaab is to invoke a feeling of confidence,” explains Sajan Raj Kurup, founder and creative chairman, Creativeland Asia. In a market that is crowded with the Lifebuoys and the Dettols of the world, it would be very interesting to watch this Cinthol campaign attempt to clean up the market.

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