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Making Hearts Soar
Lufthansa is the first international airline to localise its ads for the Indian market.
  • Tagline Nonstop you
  • Production house Highlight Films
  • Film duration 45 seconds
  • Campaign duration Till December
  • Languages English
  • Channels All channels


As a grandfather and grandson prepare themselves for a journey from Mumbai to New York on a European airline, the former speaks of German ways and what optimists would call the ‘German quest for perfection’. On the flight, however, the child is surprised enough by the Indian crew, Indian food and Indian entertainment provided to think that they have boarded the wrong flight. Lufthansa is the first international airline to localise its ads for the Indian market.

Best known for its punctuality, the airline’s 55-year long presence in India hasn’t stood out for anything else remarkable. Sangeeta Sharma, manager, marketing and communications, Lufthansa India, says, “It was assumed that the brand lacks an understanding of Indian sensibilities. We want to prove that we are more Indian than you think.”

Earlier establishing itself with brand-centric campaigns, the airline has now shifted the spotlight to customers and the experience that awaits them on a Lufthansa flight. “We took our supposed weak points and used it to our advantage. It is not easy to laugh at yourself, but we did just that,” adds Sharma. The ad has also been put up on Lufthansa microsites in four Indian regional languages. Clearly, Lufthansa is looking to land straight into the flyer’s heart and mind.

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