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My Favourite
Neelam Chhiber, MD, Mother Earth
  • My favourite drink has to be tea. I associate it with warmth and security. As a child, I would cuddle up with my parents and drink tea. It still makes me feel good.
  • I have read To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee infinite times and can read it even today. I love the great sense of family the book has, the tomboyish main character (who I associate with), the heroism of the father and his belief in a common man stuck in a sea of bigotry.
  • My food preference is Southeast Asian — especially cuisines such as Vietnamese, Burmese, Chinese, Mongolian and Thai. The lightness of touch that these cuisines bring to their dishes is amazing.
  • Silence, water, greenery, blue skies, sun and family — these are the key ingredients for our vacations. Of all such combinations across the world, my family prefers Koh Samui in Thailand, where we go scuba diving.
  • I consider yoga a piece of living, breathing art. Art that is only meant to be observed has never interested me; I love arts such as dance, music and yoga — all of which have to be practised.
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