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“Innovate To Ensure That The Promotion Gets Attention”
Sunil Alagh of SKA Advisors on effective sales Promotion
  1. Have a clear objective: Clearly identify the objective of the promotion, target group, desired results, costs and return on investment. This is absolutely critical for not only selecting the right type of promotion but, more importantly, for an effective evaluation post the promotion.
  2. Selection: Select the type of promotion based on the end objective. For instance, sampling/demos to generate trial, price offers to ward off new competitors, freebies to clear stocks, rewards to generate sales, etc.
  3. Innovate: Consumers are tired of the over-used “free bowl” or “buy one get one free”. Innovate to ensure that your promotion gets necessary attention. Use brand ambassadors, specific events to generate excitement and always be contemporary. During my time at Britannia, two of the most successful campaigns were the “Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao” and “Britannia — Lagaan” promos. Both were the first of their kind and utilised cricketers and film stars and involved the consumers. This differentiated the brand from other déjà vu promos.
  4. Appropriate association: Always use this marketing tool to further push the strategic position of the brand. Never damage the image by associating it wrongly, for instance, diet food with a beer fest.
  5. Right timing: Timing is imperative — both in terms of when and for how long. Your launch timing is important as it helps maintain relevance. Also, don’t run a price offer for too long, or else it will no longer be a promo, but part of your brand DNA.

—as told to Sneha Shankar

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