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  • Dr Devi Shetty has grown Narayana Healthcare from nothing to a 7,500-bed hospital network in less than 15 years. The next 10 years will see the business leapfrog, powered by technological initiatives and
    N Mahalakshmi
  • Tthanks to setbacks suffered in recent years, investors in the Gulf are not exactly enthused about betting on India and may not easily succumb to Modi’s promise of achche din for the business community
    V Keshavdev
  • Dubai’s real-estate market is losing steam after a rip-roaring run over the past two years. But experts believe it won’t be a repeat of 2008
    V Keshavdev
  • After making his mark in west Asia, BR Shetty has now set his eyes on the indian healthcare, pharma and banking space
    V Keshavdev
  • The Micky Jagtiani-owned Landmark Group is now looking at new verticals to spur growth, even as its Lifestyle and Max businesses gain traction in India
    V Keshavdev
  • Yusuffali of LuLu is betting big down south on just about every business that he is into: retail, hospitality, IT parks, logistics and financial services
    V Keshavdev
The New Kings Of Satire
Through a combination of sheer grit, chutzpah and creativity, Team TVF-ONE has built India’s most popular online youth entertainment channel
The Transformer
Truck-maker Ashok Leyland has battled the headwinds from two separate slowdowns and a crippling dip in demand to emerge lighter and stronger. Here’s how.
Overdosing On Growth
A shift in focus and deepening reach into the US and the EU has propelled the stock price of Aurobindo Pharma to an all-time high
C'est la vie
The Key To Feeling Good
Bombay Stores CEO Asim Dalal on how collecting hotel card keys helps him come to terms with his globe-trotting lifestyle
Editor's Note
Dr Devi Shetty is a role model for social entrepreneurs who are trying to build a sustainable business to cater to consumers at the bottom-of-the-pyramid.
N Mahalakshmi
The new insider trading regulations might be a refreshing break from the past but grey areas over the law’s interpretation still remain
Sandeep Parekh
view: policy
Prof KS Chalapati Rao on what went wrong with India's FDI policy and how.
Outlook Business
C'est la vie
Ravi Kirpalani, MD of Castrol India, on how to keep your dealer network motivated at all times
Ravi Kirpalani